Danish EPA LOUS-conference

The Environmental Protection Agency presented the results of four years of work with the LOUS project at a conference for companies and other stakeholders in April 2016.

The conference gathered interested Danish and EU stakeholders with the purposes of:

  • Providing insight in the most significant results and learnings from the LOUS project
  • Giving an overview of LOUS substances/substance groups which are still subject to regulatory action/consideration with focus on on-going and foreseen activities for: Bisphenol A, per-/poly-fluorinated substances, brominated flame retardants and perfume substance
  • Providing stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the next steps for the LOUS substances directly with the authorities in informal settings
  • Discussing the value of signal lists as a driver for substitution with a stakeholder panel
  • Reflecting on how cooperation between industry and authorities could be further improved
  • Providing a forum for networking

The program can be downloaded here  and the presentations of the conferences were:  

  1. Purpose and overall results of the 4-year LOUS project, Isabelle Navarro Vinten , Danish EPA
  2. Bisphenol A (BPA), Shima Dobel , Danish EPA
  3. Bisphenol A in thermal paper - Annex XV Restriction Dossier, Christophe Rousselle , ANSES
  4. Perfume Substances, Sidsel Dyekjaer , Danish EPA
  5. Brominated flame retardants, Jesper Gruvmark , Danish EPA
  6. Flame Retardants in IT Products - industry overview, Hans Wendschlag , HP
  7. Per- and poly-fluorinated substances, Toke Winther , Danish EPA
  8. REACH regulatory activities regarding Perfluorooctanoic acid, Christoph Schulte (UBA) and Ingunn Myhre (Norwegian EPA)