Arbejdsrapport fra Miljøstyrelsen, 4/1995

Bioremediation of contaminated soil

25-01-1995BIOREMEDIATION TECHNOLOGIES; Theory : contaminants to be bioremediated : aerobic/anaerobic biodegradation processes : limiting factors; Techniques in use : in situ techniques : ex situ techniques; BIOREMEDIATION IN DENMARK; Public research, private sector : development of technologies : inoculation; Biodemediation market in Denmark; The market : regulatory and institutional factors; BIOREMEDIATION IN THE NETHERLANDS AND GERMANY; Public research; Private sector development of tecnologies and inoculation; Market incentives and regulatory and institutional factors; BIOREMEDIATION IN UNITED STATES; Public research; Private sector; Market incentives and regulatory factors; STATE OF THE ART; FUTURE TRENDS IN BIOREMEDIATION TECHNOLOGIES; Technical possibilities and limitations; Market possibilities and limitationsLæs publikation